Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Issue Tracking Systems

What is issue tracking System? what do you mean by issue?

Issue Tracking System

An issue tracking system is also known as ITS and so many other synonyms of it like Support ticket, issue finder, trouble ticket system. Generally issue tracking system is a computer software tool whose work is to find issues and make their list as per our need. Although there are so many usages of issue tracker but commonly it uses for call centers or can also say on customer care to take customer's request and issues. They can create, delete and update the issues by using that software. Every issue tracker have the customer's knowledge-base, when a customer call by his/her registered phone number(which number we gave to the company for further contact) then executive can easily get the details of the customer, and get the issue in very short time.

In short, we have to know, what the issue is?

Issue means

Issues have so many types. Every kind of problem to customer by his product will be a issue for the seller. But there seller categorized the issues in different categories so solution can be done in shortest time and also issue will send to the expert of that problem.
Issues categories are different for all kind of companies, but in easy words we have two kind of issues
1) Minor issues
2) Major issues

Minor issues: which issues are common and have solutions in very less time are minor issues.

Major Issues: Those issues which are acted like a bug, those solutions take some time to resolve.

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